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GiveYourGap presents its first organization to be featured from our travels- the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California and their Medical/Surgical Mission to Occidental Mindoro in January 2012. We really got to volunteer as a part of the mission and it was an incredible experience. Check out the video we produced for them to get a glimpse of the work we were doing.

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  1. [...] We got the chance to interview Melanie on site at the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California Medical Surgical Mission. [...]

  2. [...] well this post is far from perfect, but i just wanted to make sure to pay tribute to the one year anniversary of the start of our trip and the great work that the medical mission is doing now. a few photos of what the mission looked like last year to close it off. i’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and videos from this year’s mission. the patient in this photo (bottom left) had a recurrent thyroid tumor. her kids had left school to work off bills from previous surgeries – but this was the 3rd time the tumor came back. the surgeons were finally able to remove it completely. we are here filming for the short video we made for the medical mission: http://giveyourgap.org/2012/02/12/philippine-medical-society-of-northern-california-video-feature/ [...]

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